Wind Walls & Privacy Glass

This line of products is a great addition to your property in Calgary, Alberta.

Wind Walls

One thing about the prairies, you can always count on is the wind. That’s why our topless glass wind walls are so popular. Glass wind walls provide an excellent wind break without disrupting your view.

Our 10 or 12mm thick tempered glass wind walls can be installed to a maximum height of seven feet with a span between posts of 3 feet.

Glass wind walls are available clear, tinted or satin etched for privacy.

Don’t obstruct your view; install topless glass wind walls.

Wind Walls

As our topless glass railings have become more and more popular in Alberta, we’ve been asked many times about using the system for windshields. Our customers would like to be able to enjoy their decks, patios and yards without having the wind regularly disturbing them.

Installing wind walls in a country side that is subject to strong winds as ours, presents certain challenges. To meet code, our wind walls handle 135 km/h gusts – the same wind loads as tornado alley in the States. As a result, the space between posts has to be narrowed from our standard 54″ at 42″ tall to as narrow as 36″ at 84″ tall.

Wind walls can be any height you’d like up to seven feet or 84″ tall. Below you’ll see some examples of recent wind wall installations. Just like our regular glass railing, the posts for our wind walls come in four popular colours: black, white, grey and sparkle silver. Custom colours are also available.

Wind Break and Privacy

Also available is our framed glass wind walls. A framed glass wind wall offers a solution for home owners in condos where the condo already has framed glass railing installed and requires a consistent look. A framed glass wind wall is subject to the same building code for wind load as our topless glass wind walls. As with our topless glass wind walls, as the framed glass wind wall gets taller (maximum six feet), the posts are set closer together.

Our framed glass wind wall is available in the same four popular colours: black, white, grey and sparkle silver. Custom colours are also available.